Marketing Consultation

Do you feel like you have no idea where to begin with marketing your business online? SEO, PPC, SEM! The acronyms and terminology are complicated enough! No wonder your investigation and research into how to effectively promote your company’s website may have left you feeling overwhelmed.

But we are here to change all that. As your web design and internet marketing professionals, we would love to design an online marketing strategy that perfectly tailored to your business. Everu business and industry is unique and your online marketing strategy should reflect that uniqueness. Some businesses may need extensive social media presences while others might be able to get by with just a Facebook page. Likewise, businesses in some markets and industries should focus on SEO and search engine rankings to get visitors but in other cases PPC and paid advertising might be a better fit. At Hotline Web Design, we understand these differences and will help you figure out a plan and marketing strategy that fits your business.

When you order a Marketing Consultation, you'll receive the following:

  • An initial one hour meeting (either in person or by phone) to discuss your business and your current marketing strategy. We want to get to know you and your business!
  • A detailed report on specific opportunities that will generate more business for you and specific tactics to pursue for the next three months
  • Another one hour follow-up meeting (either in person or by phone) to discuss the opportunites and recommendations listed in the report

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Pricing: $595

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Hotline Web Design is proud to offer a pay-per-click and adwords retargeting services as well as SEO and a number of other digital marketing services through our partner company VDB Ventures.

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