Hourly Web Updates

Keep your website fresh and relevant! An up-to-date website is very important to the success of your online marketing efforts.  Remember, your website is likely the first place new or returning customers will go to find the answers to their questions about your business.  Every time someone comes to your site is a moment of customer service and that experience can either be positive or negative.

Just think of a moment, how would it reflect on your business if a potential customer came to your website to find your phone or maybe your address and the website had the wrong information?  Now, to be honest, the customer probably wouldn’t even know.  Until they tried to call or visit you that is! And after struggling to find your location or trying to stop in when you’re closed, what are the chances of that customer coming back? That’s the type of customer experience that will drive customers straight to your competitors! Keep your customers by keeping your website up to date.

Hotline Web Design, from Lloydminster Alberta, will help keep your website updated and our rates are some of the cheapest you’ll find!  We charge $30/hr with a minimum order of 3 hours.

Our developers can update the following on your website:


Hours, prices, addresses are all examples of text content that we will update as per your instructions.


If you need a whole new page to display all your new info, we will take care of that too.  The page style will be matched to the rest of the site and all navigation menus will be updated.


A widget is often the simplest way to add a new feature to your site.  Whether you’re looking for social media integration or a link to a 3rd party service, we can incorporate it into your site and fit it to the existing style of your site.

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Pricing: $90

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