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Tips on How to Approach Website Navigation During Web Design Phase

Hotline Support - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Web design involves taking into consideration various elements that will influence the functioning of a website. Navigation is of one of the fundamentals of web design. A site must make it possible for users to get around without too much trouble. The quickest way for a website to lose traffic is to make it hard for visitors to get what they need. If online users enter your site, and it takes them five minutes to find certain information, then they are not likely to return. When getting website design services in Lloydminster, consider the navigation component. Here are a few basics.

Navigation Titles

A site that has proper navigation titles will score big points with users. Titles serve the purpose of guiding users when they are following certain links. With the right titles, visitors will have an idea of what information to expect. For instance, a plumbing business can have titles that guide users to their different service pages. Titles should remain concise and relevant because misleading users will result in an adverse effect on traffic flow.


When getting Lloydminster web design, another factor to remember is categorisation. Dividing content into different sections will help with navigation. It styles the content layout and keeps things neat. When a site contains different content, it helps to create categories. Some of the most common categories of websites include Home, About Us, and Contact Us. The classifications will usually depend on a specific company. 

Search Applications

Search tools are vital aspects of navigation. When using an e-commerce site, a shopper looking for a specific product will want to find it directly, and a site should have the necessary applications to facilitate that. Web design should be after considering the use of sophisticated and advanced search tools. When shoppers search for products and get results that include similar products, it gives them options. 

Branding through Navigation

Using the navigation of a site for branding is possible. A business website is an extension of a company’s image, and its navigation should reflect that. For instance, the ‘contact us’ button can be a logo of the business. It serves to remind users on whose site they are on.

Getting around is the core of website navigation. How users move from the home page to the products page and back will count a lot. Most website visitors like simplicity. They like when they can go back and forth without wasting too much time. 

When getting web design services, find out how the experts, like Hotline Web Design, will maintain effective navigation. Utilising various concepts will help you achieve desirable outcomes.

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