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Mobile Responsiveness: Website Design for Lloydminster Businesses

Hotline Support - Monday, June 22, 2015

There are multiple reasons why you should get professional website designers to do the website design for your Lloydminster business, but we can sum it up to two: cost-effectiveness and enhanced audience experience. A responsive website allows your site to be viewable on a desktop or a mobile phone so that you won’t have to pay for individual websites for multiple screens and gadgets to maintain your site’s quality. This offers a satisfactory user experience when your audience can visit your site anytime, anywhere with their mobile gadgets without having to tolerate poor graphics and difficult navigation.  

Perhaps, the most compelling reason of all is that your website’s responsiveness affects your search engine ranking. Ranking is visibility; visibility is traffic; traffic is conversion, and conversion to paying customers is cash. Here’s how search engines reward sites that shift to responsive web design:

Better content quality. If you have multiple websites, you’re more likely to upload similar (if not the same) content to fill each site to save time and effort. But search engines don’t treat duplicate contents favourably and basically regard them as spams. A responsive web design allows you to enhance your content so that you upload a specific content only in a single site.

Focused maintenance effort. SEO campaigns can be costly and time consuming but a responsive design will allow you to maintain only website with a single set of hypertext. This means your site gets to be accessed from more devices, without necessarily spending too much time managing your website.

Lower bounce rate. Many websites experience high bounce rate because their content are either inaccurate or not consistent with the mother site. Uniformity and completeness are key factors to keep people on page. And if they leave too soon, this jacks up your bounce rate sending search engines the message that your site may not be offering relevant information to audiences.

Improved local visibility. As per Google, responsive sites optimized especially for mobile gadgets dominate localized search results. For instance, if a user keys in “Lloydminster dental implant”, businesses with sites that respond well to mobile are more likely to top the search rankings. Why? Because mobile gadgets are, as explains, ‘hyper-local’—they are able to locate where the user is exactly at the moment of the search.  

A responsive design lets you keep up with industry and modern user trends, helping you to step ahead of your competitors.  Users love to explore the internet with their mobile device but still expect their desktop to remain as technically relevant and savvy. To give your consumers the best of both digital worlds, consult web design experts from Lloydminster-based SEO firms, such as Hotline Web Design.

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