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Tips on How to Approach Website Navigation During Web Design Phase

Hotline Support - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Web design involves taking into consideration various elements that will influence the functioning of a website. Navigation is of one of the fundamentals of web design. A site must make it possible for users to get around without too much trouble. The quickest way for a website to lose traffic is to make it hard for visitors to get what they need. If online users enter your site, and it takes them five minutes to find certain information, then they are not likely to return. When getting website design services in Lloydminster, consider the navigation component. Here are a few basics.

Navigation Titles

A site that has proper navigation titles will score big points with users. Titles serve the purpose of guiding users when they are following certain links. With the right titles, visitors will have an idea of what information to expect. For instance, a plumbing business can have titles that guide users to their different service pages. Titles should remain concise and relevant because misleading users will result in an adverse effect on traffic flow.


When getting Lloydminster web design, another factor to remember is categorisation. Dividing content into different sections will help with navigation. It styles the content layout and keeps things neat. When a site contains different content, it helps to create categories. Some of the most common categories of websites include Home, About Us, and Contact Us. The classifications will usually depend on a specific company. 

Search Applications

Search tools are vital aspects of navigation. When using an e-commerce site, a shopper looking for a specific product will want to find it directly, and a site should have the necessary applications to facilitate that. Web design should be after considering the use of sophisticated and advanced search tools. When shoppers search for products and get results that include similar products, it gives them options. 

Branding through Navigation

Using the navigation of a site for branding is possible. A business website is an extension of a company’s image, and its navigation should reflect that. For instance, the ‘contact us’ button can be a logo of the business. It serves to remind users on whose site they are on.

Getting around is the core of website navigation. How users move from the home page to the products page and back will count a lot. Most website visitors like simplicity. They like when they can go back and forth without wasting too much time. 

When getting web design services, find out how the experts, like Hotline Web Design, will maintain effective navigation. Utilising various concepts will help you achieve desirable outcomes.

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The Future is Here: Top Website Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2016

Hotline Support - Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Whether you're planning a serious overhaul of your existing website, or bringing your business online for the first time, it pays to take not of a few essential tips and tricks to future-proof your site and keep it heads and shoulders above the competition. Whether you're looking to trounce the local competition in Lloydminster, or give your service an international outreach, these five web design trends should help set you on the way to online success. 


Lead with a Great Image 

Bandwidth increases have meant that even HD images can be downloaded in mere moments. Make sure your site makes a stunning first impression with an eye-catching lead image. If you've got the capability, securing an original high-definition image relevant to your site and service is a must. If you don't, there's plenty of mesmerizing stock images out there to utilize. 

Card Layouts 

A stalwart of entertainment websites, card layouts are particularly effective when you want to present several different pieces of content in a relatively small amount of space. Easy to rearrange and optimize for different device displays, the card layout is flexible and user-friendly. 

Make the Most of Animations 

With faster loading times and improved bandwidth across all device types, animations are becoming more and more commonplace online. Whether you're looking to take your visitors on a journey, or simply want to keep them entertained while they wait for content to buffer or load, animations are a great way of engaging every visitor to your site. If you prefer a sleeker, more minimal layout, animations are particularly useful and can dramatically streamline the amount of content visible on-screen at any one time. Think hover effects, hidden menus and galleries. 

Responsive Design 

As more and more users turn exclusively to their mobile devices for internet access, responsive design has never been so important. Mobile-friendliness is now a crucial consideration used by Google, so responsive design is something that can't be ignored. If you're targeting users who browse between devices, you'll want to ensure a seamless experience for them, from whatever they're surfing on. 

Keep it Classic 

It's easy to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to web design trends, and it takes some insight and discernment to identify the best ones to use.. Work with an experienced website design company such as Hotline Web Design so you can nail down an aesthetic you're completely happy with. 

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Popular New Trends in Website Design for New Lloydminster Businesses

Hotline Support - Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A burgeoning enterprise in Lloydminster should obviously be concerned with its online presence. However, proper Lloydminster website design can often be challenging. Many successful enterprises will therefore seek the help of experts within this field. Why is this a common practice and what benefits can be enjoyed?

The Correct Appearance

Even the most ground-breaking products in the world are of little value if the consumer does not know that they exist. This is one of the areas which proper web design in Lloydminster will address. For example, visitors will form a basic opinion after only .05 seconds of an initial page view (1). Website design focuses upon a clean background that illustrates the main tenets of a company. This can help retain a potential customer while providing them with the most relevant information.

Smart as Opposed to Hard

One of the "catch phrases" in these modern times refers to a responsive website design. This is another way of observing that any portal must cater to the needs of the visitor in a proactive manner. From user-friendly chat widgets to online contact forms, this is a key area to address. It is still interesting to note than only 22 per cent of companies state that they are aware of how this responsive design functions (2). Once again, this is an excellent argument for hiring a third-party professional. He or she will be able to understand the discrete needs of the Lloydminster business and in turn, the most targeted solutions can be discovered.

On-the-Fly Adjustments

A new website will require a bit of "tweaking" before the correct layout and strategy are found. Owners therefore need to track such metrics as conversion rates, clickthrough figures and the percentage of mobile phone users. Any editing should also be accomplished in a streamlined fashion to avoid the much-dreaded downtime which can plague some platforms. Expert providers can address these and countless other variables.

Any Lloydminster business that is looking to launch its services on the Internet should take advantage of what professional website designers can provide. Not only will this save substantial time and money, but the owner of the enterprise can return his or her focus on other important matters (such as sales and client relations).


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Websites with Eye-Catching Design: The Ins and Outs of Website Design

Hotline Support - Friday, November 13, 2015

Lloydminster has advanced in leaps and bounds during recent years and presently, it seems as if every business within this community now has their own dedicated website. However, those who are new to this realm should always utilise the services of a trained professional. What are some of the reasons why this approach is so very effective?


Leads Equate to Sales

Generating leads is the top priority for any company. Should the site not receive the exposure that is required or if it set up in a rather clumsy fashion, visitors will be less likely to read what it is that may be offered. In other words, a potential sale can be killed before the engagement process ever began.

Page Load Times

One of the issues that some do-it-yourself businesses encounter is that their page takes an extremely long time to load. Users simply do not have the patience to wait. In fact, a recent study showed that bounce rates (the number of times a visitor leaves a site) increase by 100 per cent if a page takes longer than 4 seconds to display. Professional Lloydminster website design services, offered by companies like Hotline Web Design, enable any page to load quickly and without delay.

Change When it is Needed

Outsourcing web design services will also enable the business to enact any changes when they may be necessary. This goes far beyond the physical layout of the page itself. Other areas such as quality content and SEO concerns will be addressed. It is ironic that only 55 per cent of companies state that they currently have such a system in place.

A proactive stance will enable the business to address the changing needs of the client and it is also critical to note that pages which are regularly updated tend to rank higher within search engines. This could be difficult to accomplish for those who have a limited amount of time. Hiring a third-party professional is therefore an excellent idea.

Website design is a very challenging field. Any enterprise that is looking to entire into this digital domain should employ the services of those with experience in the industry. Customer loyalty and increased profits are literally only a click away!


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Animation in Moderation: Tips for Using Animation in Website Design

Hotline Support - Thursday, October 15, 2015

Website design has come a long way from pitch black screens and monochrome pixels to minimalistic and flat layouts. Designers these days are capable of producing impressive feats using interactive elements like animation. The only problem is that some people tend to abuse the power a good animation has to the point that users no longer find it entertaining or practical. As with anything related to design, animation has to be done in moderation. Here are some animation tips for businesses in Lloydminster to use on their web design.

Make It Useful

It looks like minimal web layouts are in it for the long haul. With such a flat and bland environment, users need something to tell them what to do or where to click. That’s where animation comes in. Make it eye-catching and entertaining, but make it useful as well so that users don’t think of it as a nuisance. Add animation with the intention of improving the user’s experience rather than just for decoration. If your animation is just there for pure aesthetic appeal, then you are missing out on some of its many benefits.

Choose When to Animate

Lloydminster web design companies like Hotline Web Design say that it’s not enough to just make your animations serve more than one purpose. You also have to know the right time to animate. It should never get in the way of what you are trying to convey on your website. Rather, it should serve as a transition, seamlessly guiding the user through your website. No animation at all is better than a poorly executed one. It’s not for each and every page on the website.

Keep Design Simple

It’s good to be creative especially when it comes to design. Too much creativity, however, would only confuse your users. When using animation on websites, it’s important to just keep it simple enough for everybody to understand. In animation, aesthetic appeal should only be second to usability. This goes for both large and small animations.

Simplicity of design also factors in the animation’s running time. You may not realise it, but the animation you think only lasts for a few seconds lasts even longer and irritatingly slow on the users’ standpoint. Animations should run fast, even four times faster than you intended. If you intend to go overboard with the running time, at least include a way to turn off animations for users in a hurry or have slow connections.


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Website Design Overhaul: Move to Responsive to Get Even More Traffic

Hotline Support - Thursday, September 03, 2015
Lloydminster businesses are always on the lookout for ways to increase incoming traffic to their websites. Strategies like SEO and backlinking are becoming popular; however, one method is increasingly gaining traction—adopting a responsive web design.

Responsive website design is an approach to web design that emphasises maximum accessibility for visitors. Professional web design agencies like Hotline Web Design use this method if they want a site that adapts to the viewer's platform. For example, if you're looking at a site on a desktop, it looks like your normal webpage; however, you can also view the same site on your smartphone with no difficulties. This design approach has several advantages.

Nice and Friendly

One of the main reasons you'll want to shift to responsive web design is that it results in a very nice-looking and easily accessible website. Responsive web design works better with clean layouts. This is because the transition from different platforms would be a lot more difficult if your website is a cluttered mess. The plain design transfers well from one platform to the other. This easy-to-use presentation can be pleasing to visitors. For one, it presents information easily and doesn't overwhelm the user.

Better Search Engine Ranks

Another reason you'll want to implement a responsive web design is that it's better for your Google rankings. As the world's most popular search engine, a higher Google ranking means that you'll be seen more on search results. The reason for this preference is that responsive web design consolidates multiple websites into one page. This makes it easier to index for search engines.


Finally, responsive web design should be your choice because of its affordability. In the past, multiple websites were used for different platforms. Having it all on one site makes it easier to update and maintain. All of the needed info can be uploaded in one sitting and all changes can be done to one webpage. This reduces maintenance costs. Even creating the site will have a lower price tag since there will be no need for alternate pages for other platforms.

Don't Get Left Behind
The benefits mentioned above highlight why responsive web design is the way to go. Ensure you're at the head of the pack by contacting local web design experts and shifting to a modern, user-friendly web design.


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Web Design Info: Will the Upcoming Panda Update Affect Your Website?

Hotline Support - Friday, July 31, 2015
Google Panda is set to implement new updates in the coming weeks. With each new release comes a lot of speculation on what it could mean for a website overall. After all, the original Panda algorithm was aimed at ensuring that unscrupulous websites with copied or scraped content were pushed to the bottom of search results.

Google emphasizes that the update is just a simple refresh and not an algorithm change. Sites that have been suffering from the current algorithm may soon find that they will be able to recover. Nevertheless, Panda will continue to emphasize the need for websites to frequently publish high-quality posts and content.

How to deal with Google Panda the right way?

If you’ve been satisfied with posting low-quality content on your website without even providing fresh and added value for users, now is the time to rethink your website design approach. Read up and implement best practices, offer real long-term value to your users, and create what the industry calls “evergreen” content. On that note, now is also the time to use a website design that can help you achieve these goals.

Why hire a website design company?

Creating high quality content for your website can take up a significant amount of your time and effort, all of which would be better used on the other important aspects of running your business. Since you won’t likely have the time to produce quality content on a regular basis, a professional Lloydminster web design firm with the right qualifications can competently supply this need for you.

It’s time for a change.

Publishing content just to drive traffic and without paying much attention to quality is never a good idea from the start, and every Panda update reiterates this. You have to keep in mind that people want real, relevant, and quality content, and Google’s update is simply providing what people ultimately demand. Just as Google made its changes, it’s about time for you to make the necessary adjustments as well. Get in touch with a trusted web design company like Hotline Web Design and start making those changes happen.


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Mobile Responsiveness: Website Design for Lloydminster Businesses

Hotline Support - Monday, June 22, 2015

There are multiple reasons why you should get professional website designers to do the website design for your Lloydminster business, but we can sum it up to two: cost-effectiveness and enhanced audience experience. A responsive website allows your site to be viewable on a desktop or a mobile phone so that you won’t have to pay for individual websites for multiple screens and gadgets to maintain your site’s quality. This offers a satisfactory user experience when your audience can visit your site anytime, anywhere with their mobile gadgets without having to tolerate poor graphics and difficult navigation.  

Perhaps, the most compelling reason of all is that your website’s responsiveness affects your search engine ranking. Ranking is visibility; visibility is traffic; traffic is conversion, and conversion to paying customers is cash. Here’s how search engines reward sites that shift to responsive web design:

Better content quality. If you have multiple websites, you’re more likely to upload similar (if not the same) content to fill each site to save time and effort. But search engines don’t treat duplicate contents favourably and basically regard them as spams. A responsive web design allows you to enhance your content so that you upload a specific content only in a single site.

Focused maintenance effort. SEO campaigns can be costly and time consuming but a responsive design will allow you to maintain only website with a single set of hypertext. This means your site gets to be accessed from more devices, without necessarily spending too much time managing your website.

Lower bounce rate. Many websites experience high bounce rate because their content are either inaccurate or not consistent with the mother site. Uniformity and completeness are key factors to keep people on page. And if they leave too soon, this jacks up your bounce rate sending search engines the message that your site may not be offering relevant information to audiences.

Improved local visibility. As per Google, responsive sites optimized especially for mobile gadgets dominate localized search results. For instance, if a user keys in “Lloydminster dental implant”, businesses with sites that respond well to mobile are more likely to top the search rankings. Why? Because mobile gadgets are, as explains, ‘hyper-local’—they are able to locate where the user is exactly at the moment of the search.  

A responsive design lets you keep up with industry and modern user trends, helping you to step ahead of your competitors.  Users love to explore the internet with their mobile device but still expect their desktop to remain as technically relevant and savvy. To give your consumers the best of both digital worlds, consult web design experts from Lloydminster-based SEO firms, such as Hotline Web Design.

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Lloydminster Website Design: Importance of a Responsive Web Design

Hotline Support - Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Google has always been the guide for internet marketers and web designers. Their search algorithms are carefully studied and its preferred criteria is integrated into the internet marketing strategy and professional Lloydminster website design in order to get high marks from Google and achieve a higher search ranking. The criteria keeps changing every now and then, and people have to be aware of this and adjust their strategy accordingly.

Lately, there has been an added emphasis on making a responsive web design, or a website that adjusts to smaller screens such as that of a smartphone or a tablet. This is due to the fact that more and more people are relying heavily on their mobile devices and are using it as a primary way of browsing the web, even more so than their computers.

Google is well aware of this and according to ArsTechnica, “The company is now judging how "mobile-friendly" a site is and is using that metric to weigh search results served to mobile devices.” Similar changes have been made in the past, and it’s obvious that Google is pushing for web developers to start building mobile-friendly sites. This means that sites with mobile-friendly pages are going to get a boost in rankings in mobile search results, and this is more important than ever thanks to the increased use of mobile phones for browsing the Internet.

The simplest form of a responsive web design is that it adjusts to fit the screen of the device that it is accessed from. One way this is commonly done is by having fluid grid layouts that are designed for computers and fixed width layouts made for mobile devices. Images need to be considered as well, and these should resize accordingly.

The recent change to Google’s algorithm might only affect mobile search results, but mobile is becoming a norm nowadays. Almost half of all traffic from Google has come from mobile devices, and in November, 2014, mobile traffic actually surpassed desktop traffic, indicating that the shift to mobile devices may be coming sooner rather than later.

Those who do not yet have a mobile-responsive design should get in touch with a company with web design in Lloydminster such as Hotline Web Design. Such companies have been in the web design and internet marketing industry for several years and know how to get the job done.



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Increasing Conversion Rate with a Responsive Lloydminster Web Design

Hotline Support - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A recent comScore report published by Smart Insights shows that the Internet population has reached a tipping point. Globally, the number of mobile users has surpassed desktop users. This comes as no surprise since the number of mobile users has more than doubled in the past 6 years compared to desktop users who only increased by around 14%.

Considering the pace at which new devices are introduced, businesses would have to maintain several versions of a website merely to provide a satisfying user experience. Such an approach is downright costly, impractical, and time-consuming, however, which is why innovators were prompted to come up with a more efficient approach: mobile responsive web design. A lot of local businesses have since sought the assistance of Lloydminster website design specialists in creating mobile-responsive websites that provide a seamless browsing experience.

A responsive website in Lloydminster, which has one of the youngest (and mobile-savvy) average population bases in Alberta, can be a one-size-fits-all solution for your business. Such a website automatically conforms to the device being used by your customer, be it desktop or mobile, Windows, Android, or Apple. Your website adapts to the layout environment through flexible images, proportion-based grids, and the tactical use of CSS media queries. Image resolution and quality are maintained, so your audience can browse it more easily.

Why shift to responsive website design? One can think of several reasons to do so. Have you experienced browsing a website through your mobile device where you have had to constantly zoom in and out simply to make out text and images? How about websites with missing or heavily pixelated photos, or those sites that take like years to load? What about annoying pop-outs and links that delay your browsing?

Try putting yourself in a mobile device user’s shoes: Would you still be inclined to continue browsing your site given its current configuration? If not, then you need the kind of mobile-friendly, responsive design that offers a better user experience and is likely to increase your conversions.

Do you maintain separate websites for different devices? How long can you keep up with the changes? If your website is compatible with only a few devices, you are clearly missing on a lot of opportunities by ignoring other devices or platforms.

Lloydminster web design experts from firms like Hotline Web Design can tweak your existing website so you only ever need to maintain a single version that caters to all site visitors regardless of the device or platform they are using. With such a feature in place, you can enjoy significant savings and better conversion rates.



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