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How do I upload photo/image files to my website?

When uploading an image/photo file to your website, it is important that it is in the correct format. If the format is incorrect, then there may be issues with the image displaying properly in web browsers and email clients.

File Type
When uploading an image, make sure that the file type is either .jpg or .png. These are the 2 best image formats for the web. Do NOT use .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .psd, .pdf, or .eps. If you need to convert an image, here is a free online converter: www.zamzar.com.

File Name
Many web browsers and email clients cannot read spaces in the file name, and thus, will not display the image properly. The solution, is to replace the spaces in your file name with dashes (i.e. "Christmas Event.jpg" should be "christmas-event.jpg"). You can accomplish this by viewing the image/photo on your computer, and then going into the "File Menu" and clicking "Save As" and then renaming the file.

File Size
Before uploading any images or photos online, it's best to compress these images to make them smaller and a lower resolution. High resolution photos will take longer to load and can frustrate website visitors. So, before uploading images/photos, compress them to a "web optimized" size. Usually the width and height of the photo doesn't need to exceed 1,200 pixels. And for the actual storage size of the file, try to keep it under 1 megabyte (MB), or better yet, under 500 KB (kilobytes). If you need to compress an image, here is a free online compressor: www.imageoptimizer.net.

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