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How do I add people to my email list/club?

The easiest way to add people to your list is to have them add themselves. They can do this by visiting your website and adding their information to your Email Club Signup Form.

If you have a physical location (i.e. restaurant, store, etc), you can setup a computer or tablet (i.e. iPad) that is connected to the internet. Have your website home page, or specific email sign up page, visible and then customers can add their information to the form and click submit.

If you have people write their emails down on paper, or you have a list from another email marketing software that you'd like to import, the easiest way is to manually enter each email via the Email Club Signup Form on your website yourself. This will ensure all of the proper data is collected and they are added to the list.

Once the Email Club Form on your website is submitted, that email address will be automatically added to your email subscriber list.

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